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History Made, More to Come

Sunday, October 23rd, 2016

For the first time in known history, this past week Widefield hosted their regional meet. Both teams came in with high hopes: The boys were aiming to win their first ever Regional championship; the girls were looking to qualify for State for the first time since 2007 and if both of those happened it would be the first time since 2001 that both teams made it to State in the same year.

As a host, it is important to have things go smoothly for your guests. Everything went very smoothly with the meet itself, but some of our guests may have gone home feeling like we were slightly less than generous as hosts.

The boys started the day by executing a perfect race plan. They started strong but under control and moved up throughout. As we finished, we had 4 runners in the top 11, 5 of the top 18, 6 of the top 20, 7 of the top 24 and 8 of the top 30. Any way you look at it, our boys took home more than their fair share of early places. All of this led to a relatively easy victory and school history.

Not to be outdone, the girls also executed a great game plan. With Durango dominating up front, our top 4 girls showed very well coming through in 11th, 16th, 20th, and 22nd. With her 11th place finish, Caitlyn Anderson became the first back to back individual qualifier for the girls since 2003. Kayler Miles got the job done as our 5th runner, securing a third place team finish and a State berth.

At State this weekend the boys will run with the goal of executing a perfect race, scoring less than 100 points, and bringing home a big trophy. The girls will run with the goal to compete well and get invaluable experience for upcoming future trips to State.

At State the boys run at 9:20 and girls run at 10:40.

A League of Our Own

Sunday, October 16th, 2016

At the Colorado Springs Metro League Championship meet this past week, Widefield came in with the sights set on getting momentum, growing confidence and earning some team and individual awards. They came away with more than they could have hoped for.

The boys Varsity race got the day started. With a plan to pack run in order to pull the 5-7 runners up to the front group, the boys started slowly but moved up throughout the race. By the end a pack of 5 boys had passed all but one member of the 4A competition, finishing in 2-3-4-5-6. They followed that up with a 9-10-16 finish from their 6-8 runners. Bringing home 7 of the top 10 places and 8 of the top 16, the boys brought home their second straight league title.

The girls Varsity started with high hopes of a potential team trophy, but it quickly became apparent to those counting the 4A places that there would be little competition for the Glads this day. Led by Caitlyn Anderson's second place finish, the Lady Gladiators finished in 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 15th to easily win the first girls league title in school history.

With two major accomplishments already in the books, the JV runners looked to keep the momentum going and did so. The boys took the top 5 spots and both teams took 8 of the 15 ribbons that were handed out.

This week our JV runners wrap up their season with one final race at Monument Valley Park on Wednesday. Boys race at 3:30 at girls run at 4:00.

On Thursday, for the first time in memory we will host our regional meet. Both the boys and girls will be running to qualify teams for State and the boys are running to win their first ever Reguonal Title. The boys race at 3:30 and the girls race at 4:30. The top 4 teams and top 15 individuals will qualify for state. Come cheer on the Glads as they race for history!

On To Championship Season

Sunday, October 9th, 2016

The TCA Titan Thunder Invitational this past Friday marks the end of the "regular season" for WHSXC. While it wasn't an altogether satisfying end, a win for the Varsity boys (their 4th of the year) and a nice pack time for the Varsity girls portend well for the next phase of the season.

Our only meet this week takes place at Monument Valley Park (PLEASE NOTE, this is a change of location from that previously published.) Race times will be as follows:

Boys Varsity: 3:00
Girls Varsity: 3:30
Open Boys: 4:00
Open Girls: 4:05

Come support the team as we run for League bragging rights!

Please note that on Thursday, October 20 we host our Regional meet at the Community Center. We will put any and all volunteers to work and would love to have great fan support!

Info For the Week of September 26, 2016

Monday, September 26th, 2016

The upcoming week will be a full, but fun week for WHSXC.

The fun starts with an exciting race at the Royal Gorge Bridge and Park, hosted by Canon City. We treat this as a JV meet, although several of our JV boys will have the opportunity to run in the Varsity race. The course is an out and back that runs away from the Royal Gorge parking approximately 1.3 miles. The course finishes by doubling back on itself and finishes by going across the Royal Gorge Bridge. Race times are as follows:
Varsity Boys: 4:00
JV Boys: 5:00
JV Girls: 5:05

PLEASE NOTE: There will be a $10 fee for parents to get into the actual Park and cross the bridge. This is a discounted rate from the normal price. Much of the start and finish can be seen without entering the park, and the finish may be visible without paying as well, although from a distance.

On Friday night, Max Martinez will be in Arizona representing WHSXC at the Desert Twilight meet in Casa Grande. This is an exciting opportunity for Max as well as all of Widefield and WHSXC.

The fun finishes up Saturday with the Rampart Foxes and Hounds race. This meet features a unique racing and scoring format, as there is a JV and Varsity race for each gender featuring a "Foxes and Hounds" start and scoring. The way this works is each team designates the members of their team by their position on the team. When the race starts, each team's 7th runner will start along with all of the other 7th runners. 20 seconds later the 6th runners will start, and so on until the 1st runners start 2 minutes after the 7th runners. The meet is scored like a traditional cross country meet, with whoever finished first, regardless of where he or she started, getting 1 point. All runners will get a "gun time" and an actual time it took them to run the course.

Race times for this meet will be:
8:25: JV Girls (Foxes and Hounds)
9:20: JV Boys (Foxes and Hounds)
9:50: Varsity Girls (Foxes and Hounds)
10:20: Varsity Boys (Foxes and Hounds)
10:50: Open Boys (traditional race start)
10:53: Open Girls (traditional race start)
*Please note, approximately our top 14 boys and girls will get to participate in a Foxes and Hounds style race. All others will be in a traditional open race.

Thrice as Nice

Monday, September 5th, 2016

This year's version of the Widefield High School Cross Country Invitational featured the most competitive field we have seen in several years. With 15 schools and a variety of 4A and 5A competition, the competition was as hot as the morning got.

The boys started the day with a set of 3rd's--as in the 3rd consecutive time we won the team and individual titles at our home meet. With 7 of the top 19 runners, the Gladiator boys were pushed more than in years past, but dominated none the less.

The Varsity girls followed. In a more spread out race, it was harder to assess which team finished 3rd. Caitlyn Anderson led the way in 9th and Tabi Frandsen finished in the top 20 as well, leading the ladies to a 3rd place team finish.

The JV races saw the morning heating up considerably. Times slowed as the heat crept up on the field, but for many it was a first race and for all it was what should be the toughest combination of conditions and course difficulty we will see the rest of the season.

This upcoming Saturday, September 10 the team travels to Lyons High School in Lyons Colorado. Race times will be: Varsity Girls at 8:40, Varsity Boys at 9:30, Open Boys at 9:55, Open Girls at 10:25. We will stop for lunch on the way home, so please bring some money for food.

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