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Summer Running, 2021

Thursday, May 13th, 2021

Summer Cross Country training will take place with the following schedule:

June 1 thru July 30: Monday thru Thursday at 7am. Meet under the trees in the south-west corner of the grass practice fields near the discus ring and gate to Widefield Elementary. Plan on being picked up by 8:30 unless otherwise notified.

July 9-30: Fridays at 7am, meet at Bear Creek Park at the administration building parking lot off of W. Rio Grande St. and Creek Crossing St.

August 2-6: Pre-season camp. Details to be announced.

August 9: First day of practice.

*Please dress appropriately and bring a water bottle every day. While masks are not currently required for outdoor activities, mask wearing and social distancing will be encouraged while not running to ensure the health and safety of all participants.

Summer Mileage Clubs: Many of our most successful runners base their summer running around our Mileage Clubs. Runners who run 300, 400 (girls only), or 500 miles over the summer will receive a Mile Club shirt at the end of the summer. We have specific guidelines on the best way to accomplish this feat while staying healthy and ensuring a good season. Summer miles can be tracked over any consecutive 11 week period from February 8 through August 14th. Please see the Mile Club sections of this site or ask a coach for more information.

Winter/Spring Running 2021

Sunday, February 7th, 2021

Looking ahead, this crazy Covid year is going to be further impacted by the schedule of track and cross country. Basically, we normally start our summer running the day after Memorial Day. Our system of doing winter sports or running in the winter, having a focused, competitive track season, and then having a great summer of running with a focus on building and recovering has a history of yielding great results for people who work it. However, this year track will be in full swing on Memorial Day. So, we have to adjust.

Our plan from now until cross country will look like this:

Starting on Monday, February 8th we will have an 11 week build up to track. This is when we will focus on mileage, building and recovering, and earn Mile Club shirts. Basically this will be what our summer normally is. For those who are doing winter sports at this time, Mile Club can still be earned in the 11 week period starting when their season is over.

Track starts on April 26 and ends on June 26. We will start running again after a week or 2 off after track to get ready for cross country, which is scheduled to start on August 9.

It is impossible to overstate how important the next 11 weeks of running are. All of our success in track and in cross country next year will be determined between now and April 26. It is going to be challenging: there are cold days ahead, probably accompanied by snow and wind. This is not the easiest time to get in miles. But, it will be hard for everyone in the state. Those who are committed, tough, and determined and find a way to get in a great 11 week training period will have an advantage over everyone in the state who lets the elements get the better of them. Our path back to qualifying our teams for State next year goes through consistently running, building, and working over the next 11 weeks.

For the first week or 2 of our winter/spring running, we will be running as WHS athletes. However, we are working with the Community Center to create a community youth running club so we can involve more runners from more grades in our plan. When we transition to the community running club, all participants will need to register through the Community Center. Registration will be $20.

We will meet in front of the main entrance to the Community Center to run at 3:30 on Mondays and Thursdays starting February 8th. Be early to stretch on your own so we can start running right at 3:30.

Until further notice, this is the plan: Mondays and Thursdays from 3:30 to 4:30 meeting in front of the Community Center. Everyone needs to wear a mask until they start running and will have to answer all screening questions. As always these days, if you don't feel well, stay home.

This is the way.

State 2020

Sunday, January 17th, 2021

The 2020 cross country season came to a successful end as Sophia Mena and Asher Finch both qualified to compete at the State Championship meet!

Sophia finished 8th at Regionals to qualify while Asher finished 12th.

This was the 8th season in a row that at least one member of WHSXC has qualified for State.

Things look optimistic for keeping the streak going in 2021. Dylan Palmer, Kris Palmer and Keaton Morrison will be the 17th, 18th and 20th returning finishers from our region next year and in normal years the top 15 runners qualify for State. Maggie Morrell will be the 17th fastest returning girl in our region next year. In addition, we have a number of incoming freshmen coming from the Junior Highs who will help our team's make a push to qualify for State next year.

Congratulations to Asher and Sophia for continuing the WHSXC legacy of success! The future looks bright for keeping success going!


Tuesday, October 6th, 2020

Over the last week our team has had to deal with some adversity. However, we have weathered the storm admirably and are now ready for the most important race of the year. We head to Pueblo to race at the City Park short 9 golf course on Friday, October 9th with a berth to the State Championship Meet on the line. Boys race at 1, girls at 1:45.

Each team is allowed 13 spectators. With 12 runners racing, each runner will get 1 official spectator and we will make a waiting list for any spots that don't get used. We have been told we will have to turn in a list of who our spectators are when we enter the race and that this list will be checked for anyone wanting to enter. All spectators will need to sign a Covid waiver and have their temperature checked before entering the golf course. Spectator entrance is near the City Park tennis courts.

Parents and family who wish to watch the race but are not on the spectator list have two options. The start and finish should be visible from Thatcher Ave. Also, the second mile of the race leaves the golf course to run on Nuckolls Ave. between the golf course and zoo. From this area of Nuckolls the runners should be visible at varying distances 6 different times, although the start and finish will not be visible from this location.

All spectators, whether on the course or not, are asked to follow social distance and mask guidelines. The officials in Pueblo are known to be strict, and the last thing we would want is a bunch of spectators in Widefield gear making the officials mad.

View the course map here.

Let's get 'em Glads!

Final Meets of 2020

Thursday, September 24th, 2020

We have confirmed information for the last 3 meets before State. All information is now correct under the 2020 Schedule tab.

In overview, on Wednesday, September 30th we will run the CSML South Championships at Monument Valley Park. Boys will race at 4:00, girls at 4:45.

The next day, Thursday, October 1st, our JV runners will run their final race at Janitell. Boys at 4:00, girls at 4:45.

Regionals will be held on Friday, October 9th at the Elmwood Golf Course in Pueblo. Boys will race at 1pm and girls at 1:45. Our top 6 boys and girls will be allowed to run at Regionals. The top 3 teams of each gender will qualify for State, along with the top 2 individuals not from a qualifying team. Information from the Regional race coordinators states that each team will be allowed 13 spectators and will have to submit a gate list. Details on how we will handle this will be released as we get closer to that date.

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