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What Does Summer Look Like For The Best Teams?

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014

Have you ever wondered what summer training looks like at other schools? Maybe you have heard Coach go on about consistency and mileage and summer running and have thought, "Yeah right, who does that?" Or maybe you just aren't convinced that the road to success goes through a bunch of summer and winter miles.

Well, if you are curious, here is a brief article about what one of the best boy's teams in the country does for their off-season program. Does any of it look familiar to you?

Perhaps the real secret to big time success isn't such a secret after all. Maybe it's just having huge numbers of runners doing the right things for long enough. Have you been doing the right things? Have you been doing them for long enough?

Road Races

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014

On Saturday July 19th Mason Durfey received some nice reinforcement that his summer training has been paying off by way of a very nice result at the Classic 10k. This downhill course draws some of the best runners from around town for its fast times and good competition. In his first 10k Mason ran smart, only letting 1 runner pass him who he didn't pass again. His time of 27:43 placed him 8th in the 15-19 age group (an age group largely populated by current and soon to be college runners), and equates to back-to-back sub 18:52 5ks. What's more, after a hard 10k effort, the regular high school cross country distance of 5k will seem easy. Mason is well on his way to the low 17's or better this season.

So far this season, the following members of WHSXC have run at least one road race: Mason Durfey, Matthew Arbegast, Cole Munoz, Bethany Rodrigues, Kayleen Chee, Whitney Durfey, Donnie Byers, and Max Martinez.

However, there are 2 opportunities to add your name to the list and get your fall racing kick-started. First is the State Games 5k this Friday at 6pm. A rare evening race, this is a good opportunity for those of you who are not morning people or who have morning commitments or ride issues to get out and race!

Then, next Saturday August 2nd at 8am is the Run for Rwanda. The Run for Rwanda draws many high school runners and high school teams. It has divisions specifically for high schools and awards for both high school boys and girls teams. If you do one race with the team this summer, do the Run for Rwanda!

Boys Regional Preview

Thursday, July 17th, 2014

Today, Milesplit published their preview of our Region on the boys side. Widefield was spoken about very positively. One might say that if the cat isn't quite out of the bag, it is certainly working at escaping.

The article about our region has this to say about our team:

"Surging upward to join the ranks of the region's elite is Widefield. Last year's superfrosh Maximilliano Martinez figures to be among the region's best runners this fall. Nothing about his track season indicated anything but continued upward trajectory. Matthew Arbegast is another sophomore-to-be who has shown considerable promise. As the depth of the roster continues to build, this team very quickly becomes a team that nobody takes lightly any longer."

People around Colorado are taking notice of what is happening on our team! Next up: living up to the billing when the season starts. The question at this point is, have you done enough to get ready to do your part?

Colorado Milesplit

Thursday, July 17th, 2014

High school runners in Colorado are very fortunate to have one of the greatest resources in the country available to them when it come to coverage on and information about track and cross country. Milesplit is a national series of web sites dedicated to track and cross country. However, in Colorado we have one of the finest web masters managing our site, making Colorado Milesplit among the best resources for high school athletes in any sport in any state.

Milesplit features many free content areas, including results and calendars. However, to access articles featuring analysis as well as the great tools the site provides (rankings, virtual meets, simulators etc.) a subscription is required. However, the fee is nominal for the value the site provides.

As our team moves into the elite class of cross country in Colorado we need to start using Colorado Milesplit to become better students of our sport and our competition, not to mention to ensure access to all the great things that will undoubtedly be written about the rise of our team over the next few years. All families are strongly encouraged to explore the Milesplit websites and consider taking out a subscription.

4th of July 4 Mile

Monday, July 7th, 2014

Max Martinez and Cole Muñoz ran the 4th of July 4 Mile in Palmer Lake. Both represented WHSXC very well. Max finished 10th overall and 2nd out of high school runners. The only high schooler to beat Max finished 6th at last years State cross country meet. Cole finished 47th out of 524 runners with a very solid effort in his first race over 5k.

The next race we will run as a team is the Classic 10k on Saturday, July 19. Although this is longer than what we are training for, the summer is an ideal time to run different distances, work on strength and endurance, and push ones limits. A 10k will do all those things. Plus, the Classic is an all downhill race that starts at Woodmen and I-25 and finishes at Monument Valley Park, so it is fast and fun! Register online, by mail, or in person before race day for the best prices.

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