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2022 Pre-season Info

Thursday, July 28th, 2022

Hey WHSXC! This message contains several pieces of information for the next couple of weeks, so please read it all.

First, tomorrow is our final run at Bear Creek. We would love to have record attendance as we finish the summer strong!

Second, our pre-season "camp" will be next week. For our camp we will meet at different locations around town to run. We have asked for help with rides, so anyone who needs or who can provide rides please meet at the Gladiator at 6:30am each day. The locations of our daily meeting spots will be:

Monday, August 1: Cheyenne Mountain State Park. Normally it costs $10 per vehicle to get in, but Monday is Colorado day so entry is free! Meet at the lower parking lot. This is also schedule pickup and photo day for all non-freshmen. Everyone will have plenty of time to shower and go back to WHS after running.

Tuesday, August 2: No team practice. Run on your own.

Wednesday, August 3: Meet at the east end of the parking lot of Kohl's off of Circle and Janitell Rd. to run in the El Pomar Sports Complex area.

Thursday, August 4: Monument Valley Park. Take the Uintah exit off of I25 and head east to Cascade. Turn left at Cascade and go to Fontanero. Turn left at Fontanero and follow to the parking area. We will meet at the bottom of the hill near the restrooms.

Friday, August 5: Fountain Regional Park Willow Springs Ponds. Enter the area via Willow Springs Rd just south of Mesa Ridge Parkway off of 85/87.

Saturday, August 6: Run for Rwanda for anyone wanting to run a final tune-up race and try to hit the Varsity Standard time before the season.

Finally, please be sure to have plans to have a physical and complete and turn in all required athletic paperwork before the season starts. No one can practice without this. Physicals will be offered at WHS on Saturday, August 6th at 10am.

The first day of practice will be Monday, August 8th. We will take advantage of cooler weather and avoid thunderstorms by practicing at 7am on Monday, August 8th and Tuesday, August 9th. After that we will meet at 3pm every weekday unless otherwise notified.

If anyone has any questions, please let us know!

Run for Rwanda: https://springsiac.churchcenter.com/registrations/events/1335350

WHS Athletic Paperwork: https://whs.wsd3.org/athletics/information-to-play-sports

WHSXC website: http://whsxc.com/