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2020 Start of Season Information

Tuesday, August 11th, 2020

WHSXC 2020 Season Guidelines

*Please be aware that details are still very much in flux. In one day we went from having 3 meets we knew would happen as planned to having 1. Schedules and logistics may change with little notice. Please be flexible and understanding. Coaches will communicate as much as they can. Consider this document a “live document” that will be updated as we know more.
*Also, it is very possible spectators will be asked not to attend meets (possibly including our home meet). Please understand this is due to the difficulty of enforcing all CHSAA rules and guidelines with spectators present. We know parents, friends and family want to watch their kids run. We want to have parents, friends and family to watch their kids run. But we must ask you to honor these requests when they are made so we can continue to have a season.


First day of practice is Wednesday, August 12.

Practice starts at 3:15 and will end before 5:30 every day.
-Expect to practice on Saturdays if we do not have a meet. (Specifics will be announced as schedules are confirmed)

All athletes must have their athletic paperwork plus physical turned in to the office before they can participate!!

Locker rooms will not be available during e-learning. Come ready to run and bring all equipment you may need.

Show up with a mask on
-You will not be allowed to practice if you do not have a mask
-Masks may be removed when running, but put on when not running or resting. So, your mask must be with you at all times. Buffs or neck gators are good for ease of use and carry.

All coaches and athletes will answer health screening questions before being allowed to participate.

Stay distant
-Recommended 30 feet distance while running
-Minimum 6 feet of distance at all times

-Bring your own large water bottle, full of water.
-Water bottles should be large enough to last all of practice--there will be no refilling
-Wear light weight and light colored clothes as well as hats and sunglasses.
First few days of practice will see temperatures in the mid 90s
-We have a limited number of GPS watches and chargers we can check out for the entire season. Everyone needs a GPS watch or phone with a run tracking app (ie Strava, RunKeeper, Nike running, etc.) if at all possible.
-Have extra clothes for rain, cold, etc. Be prepared.
-Bring hand sanitizer and use regularly if possible


All practice expectations will apply to meets as well.

Meets are limited to 50 boys and 50 girls per course per day. This means there will be far fewer opportunities to race than previous seasons, and we will never all be attending the same meet.

We will have prerequisites runners must meet before they can race (ie. being able to run a certain distance without stopping, running a shorter distance at a faster pace). If at all possible, all runners who have met the prerequisites will get to race.

All races will either start in waves of 25 or with each runner starting individually.

Masks must be worn to the start line. They can be removed as the race begins, but must be replaced as soon as a runner crosses the finish line. CHSAA encourages the use of buffs or gators so masks can be around the neck while running as opposed to being carried.

6 runners per team, 75 total runners
Top 3 teams qualify for State along with top 2 runners not on a qualifying team
-If members of 5 teams are in front of you, you cannot qualify for State as an individual

6 runners per team, 10 individuals, 100 runners total