Widefield High School Cross Country

Pre-Season Camp Information

Colorado Springs is one of the best running cities in America. Not only is our population very active in participating in road races, but we have an incredible amount of trails and parks to run on and explore. With our normal routine in cross country and track our team does not get to experience many of the great places to run in town. For this reason, our pre-season "camp" consists of traveling to 4 different locations around town for runs.

Each day we will be meeting at the locations indicated below. We will meet at 3:30 pm each day. Due to the parent's and coach's meeting on Tuesday, we will not meet that day.

On Friday, after we run the members of the team who ran will be invited to to a to-be-announced location for pizza and games or a movie. Only runners who attended camp on Friday will be invited to this fun team event!

Weather Information: Late July and early August are thunderstorm season in Colorado. We run when it's crazy, but not if its dangerous. If there is thunder and lightning and/or lots of rain we will not run. That being said, this is Colorado and the weather changes quickly. Check the blog on the front page of this site for weather-related announcements. Otherwise, plan on us not making a decision in the event of bad weather until the last possible moment. We do, however, trust the judgment of parents.

Monday, August 7th at 3:30: Cheyenne Mountain State Park

Wednesday, August 9th at 3:30: Monument Valley Park

Thursday, August 10th at 3:30: El Pomar Youth Complex and Santa Fe Trail

Friday, August 11th at 3:30: Bear Creek Regional Park and... TBA!

If you have any questions, let Coach Nelson know!

See you there!